Running DiskSim 4.0 On 64-Bit Ubuntu

DiskSim is a disk simulation software used for I/O analysis research. It is used as a research tool instead of a commercial tool, and hence requires some tweaking to run on your system.

This is a guide to installing and running DiskSim 4.0 on 64-bit Ubuntu machines. 64-bit machines require a patch, as DiskSim is originally intended for 32-bit machines. Also, some changes need to be made to certain Makefiles. Without making the changes, the compilation of the DiskSim code fails.

Firstly, download the 64-bit patched code for DiskSim 4.0 as a zip file from the following GitHub repository: DiskSim 4.0

Unzip the contents into any directory. For convenience, use the user home folder (as has been done in the following example for the rest of this post).

Now, cd into the directory disksim-4-0-x64-master from the terminal. When you run ls, you should see a list of folders such as diskmodel, doc, etc.

The libddbg, libparam, and diskmodel directories require no changes to be compiled correctly. However, memsmodel and src directories will require a few modifications to work correctly. So, run the following commands in sequence:

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