Getting Started With CUDA Programming

Graphics Processing Units or GPUs were traditionally used for the purpose of rendering graphics on screen. They were optimized for throughput and could render millions of pixels simultaneously, by performing the same computations on millions of individual data elements in parallel. This immense processing power of GPUs is now being harnessed for general purpose applications as well. Parallel programming is becoming increasingly important today, in a world where CPUs are becoming harder to optimize for speed and energy and are just about reaching their limits.

For a beginner looking to get started with parallel programming, NVIDIA’s parallel programming framework known as CUDA may be a good place to start. NVIDIA’s GPUs, found in almost every PC today, can be used for general purpose parallel programming by writing CUDA applications, which can be in languages like C, C++, and Fortran.

This post aims to help those wanting to begin CUDA C/C++ programming on their own Linux machines get off to a smooth start.

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