Create Your Own Bash Command

You may want to have a quick command for personal use, on your Linux machine. Say you want a quick custom converter between currencies, or a quick calculation of time, or anything that you do regularly in your head that you would love to have a terminal command for.

The steps to create a command are simple:

  1. In any folder of your own, create a file with the name of the command.

    cd myfolder
    touch mycommand

  2. Open the file with any text editor and write a simple script that does what you need and outputs your result.

    For example, a simple multiplier for quick conversions:


    if [ $# -eq 0 ]
    echo “No arguments supplied”

    echo $1 hours = $converted minutes

  3. Copy the finished script to your local bin (which is usually part of your PATH already).

    sudo cp mycommand /usr/local/bin/


Now you can execute your command just by opening terminal and typing the command name along with the arguments.
eg. mycommand 10

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